BBQ party

You can always think of a reason to party, celebrate life because the sun is shining or to hold the holiday feeling or whatever reason.
Whether you‘re with a large group of people or with a few close friends, a barbecue always does well. You can plan a complete and original party by the rise of the so-called outdoor kitchens in recent years. But also with an ordinary charcoal barbecue  you’ll succeed because the preparation can take place
in your kitchen. For us, barbecuing no longer is a matter of 3 or 4 pieces of meat with sauce and bread. For years, we try not to fall into the same thing, you can make the course as crazy as you want to. What really is important in any case, is making the salads fresh and homemade. And believe me there is nothing simpler than that, even vegetarians get a nice bbq party out of it .


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