Life is a picnic, spontaneous picnic for 2

This morning we had the spontaneous idea to have a picnic on my day off. Taking the bike, riding somewhere, lying in the grass lazy and enjoying some delicious snacks. I immediately opted for the quote of the week ‘Life is a picnic’. Because it was a spontaneous impulse, we kept the snacks simple to go on the road within half an hour. We have chosen to make an organic rucola salad with rucola out of our own mini garden mixed with bacon, pineapple (we cut the pineapple at the picnic spot but that proved more difficult than expected, so already doing this at home is a tip) and a little bit dressing with mustard and honey. Pin small mozzarella balls with cherry tomatoes and a basil leaf on a skewer and make a few wraps with herb cheese, rucola and slices of smoked salmon. We had readymade chicken skewers, which you can also make yourself if you have more time. Quickly make a tuna salad (can of tuna with chopped pickles, mayonnaise and ketchup) on some toast and also dip strawberries in melted chocolate. Then make in the blender a healthy shake of strawberries and a mild yogurt and pour it in nice bottles for a festive effect. For a successful picnic there is beside a healthy drink of course a nice rose wine, I would recommend Plage du Sud ‘. This is a southern French rosé from near the Provence, a fresh and soft wine with fruit flavors of peach and raspberry. Finally a cute plaid and a few pillows in a nice bag and the trip can begin. Be inspired by the pictures and enjoy your own picnic in the field, in the park or your own backyard ….

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