limoncelloFor a moment to hold on to the summer and stay in Italian atmosphere you can treat yourself to a glass of Limoncello. It is a delicious after dinner liqueur. This Italian liqueur is tasty sweet and fits very well with a nice piece of nougat. We have chosen for Limoncello nougat, which also collors very nicely to the drinks. To finish a nice Italian dinner with good wine you’ll book quite some success with Limoncello. This liqueur is made from lemons and has an alcohol content between 30 and 35 percent. You can buy best one biological Limoncello because it is made from the peel of lemons and it is very important that organic lemons are used. The most traditional Limoncello comes from Sorrento, but other regions produce the liquor also. If Limoncello is made with lemons from the Sorrento area, the Limoncello bear the name Liquore di Limone di Sorrento PGI This is based on the protected designation of origin of Sorrento lemons. P.G.I. stands for Protected Geographical Indicator. You have to drink Limoncello ice and ice cold, that’s the tastiest, you can best lay the bottle about two hours in the freezer. The small glasses you should keep in the freezer anyway. Because it tastes so fresh and sweet at the same time you must be careful that you don’t drink too much, you notice the effect of the alcohol just until you get up. You have been warned! Salute!

Wannahaves; rose-colored watch by Fossil

horloge fossil rijFrom time to time you have to give yourself a present and this summer I really wanted to have this beautiful Fossil watch on my wrist. There were even more beautiful watches and obviously typical female, I kept hesitating to finally end up with my first choice. This watch gives me the opportunity to put on different leather straps. I love white and therefore chose to temporarily switch the original beige strap with a white crocodile print strap for the summer. In the fall I go for a cognac-colored band, in the winter for a black leather watchband and in the spring switch back to the original one, so I have a good match between my watch and the clothes of the season. I love rose-colored jewelry, it fits nicely with my skin. The pink color is also doing well with clothing in the colors beige, nude and other natural shades. I bought my watch at one of the jewelers in my hometown, Heunen Jewelers. Ms. Heunen herself still personally guarantees friendly service. Where do you find that these days…. check Heunen Jewelers to get an impression of their supply. Look especially at the site of Fossil, because they have more beautiful wannahaves.