Cheers to life; open a bottle of wine

IMG_0898[1]Once someone has said to me that you have to learn to appreciate wine … Although I can not imagine a life without wine 😉 anymore, it is certainly true … By tasting different wines you discover not only true gems, you taste a difference between wines and it comes to really appreciate and enjoy if you can taste a nice wine in your glass. Without even having any sense of wines you learn to trust your taste, as I mentioned earlier that you can develop flavor. Most wine drinkers start as rosé drinkers at parties , dinners , barbecues and in summertime on a pleasant terrace. Over time, you discover that white and red wines still have just a little more qachet and then discover the real thing and start tasting. You will no longer put up with a bottle of a few dollars from the grocery store … This is not to say that a good bottle of wine needs to be expensive. I like to make a sport out of it to finding good wines that cost between 5 and 15 euro. In the winter I prefer to drink red wine, although a nice soft Chardonnay at dinner always tastes good. Obviously true to remind is ‘enjoy , drink responsibly’, I am convinced that if you open a bottle to really taste you will drink much more aware. We rarely drink as a couple the whole bottle empty in an evening. We pull the bottle vacuum  and enjoy one or two days later the second half. My latest discovery is; Belconte Salento Rosso and a true jewel Mc William’s Hayfield Semillon Chardonnay. Soon we will again taste different wines, the findings I will share again, keep an eye on my blog for information. Do you have any wine suggestions for me please let me know …
So for small successes  draw a nice bottle of wine and enjoy!
Cheers to life !