Amusement park fun

How to stay young at heart? There are many ways to keep your youth as long as possible but one of the most important things is to keep the child in you a live. A day without laughter is a day lost living so to say. From time to time the child in ourself must be nurtured to keep it alive. So look for the feeling that you often have experienced as a child. Where to search better than at an amusement park. Within 1 second, even when you still are at the entrance buying your ticket, the feeling is already there… lovely butterflies in the stomach. The excitement of what to see and what to expect. We chose to go to Phantasialand in Brühl Germany. Wow what a lovely day, from exciting and wild adventurous attractions to a roar of laughter in Maus au Chocolat; an interactive dark ride in 3D where you feel the competition, how many points do you score?
Then a good old-fashioned spin in the chain carousel, wonderful! The Black Mamba is a spectacular roller coaster where you are hanging under the track. The River Quest is really special, initially it seems similar to other water attractions, but in this one the boat goes up with an elevator,  this was very exciting … Once you’re up, you can see where you are going, the boat hangs askew at the time of departure. I assure you go down screaming out loud and everyone gets wet. Another attraction where you’ll scream is the Winja’s Fear & Winja’s Force, the indoor roller coaster with small 4 seaters that not only go down at top speed but also makes you run backwards from time to time. Another indoor experience is the dark Mystery Castle which is pretty exciting just by the impressions that are aroused beforehand. The Talocan is a strong attraction where you’re sitting on a kind of large bench, which quite often revolves around both front and rear at the same time, you get quite shaken. You are also hanging with your head down for a while, so a strong stomach is required. Also very nice is the Colorado, a fast roller coaster and many others. During the day there is no time to get bored. In between, we enjoyed a yogurt ice cream and fruit with a chocolate dip, a whole fresh apple with a delicious chocolate layer is my favorite! We like to return once more because unfortunately the new attraction Chiapas was not open yet, we really would like to try this ….. so hopefully see you again Phantasialand!Phantasialand