Parmigiano Reggiano

regianoDelicious on a hot summer day as a booster during snack time or of course throughout the year, Parmigiano Reggiano as a snack with a glass of wine, Castello di Meleto Chianti Riserva fits perfectly with it. This old mature cheese has a delicious salty taste and for me personally a simple but irresistable treat. It is a dry, crumbly cheese with salt crystals in it. The most delicious one I have tasted was at the Ialian Riviera de Ligure, really an incredible taste sensation. For this cheese it is important that it should be made according to strict rules before the name Parmigiano Reggiano is allowed. In order to make 1 kg cheese 16 liters of cow’s milk is required, for a whole cheese approximately 600 liters. The cheese is approved by the Consorzio del Parmigiano Reggiano and gets next to the DOP (Denominazione d’Origine Protetta either Protected Designation of Origin) label the origin displays, all over the crust called Parmigiano Reggiano. If there is a superior quality then there is the supplement ‘extra‘ or ‘export’. The ripening process is at least 24 months, but cheeses of 3 or even 4 years are no exception. This problably explains why it was less good elsewhere in Italy because sometimes the cheese is sold as parmesan while there is none. If you find  pure cheese to intense in taste you can combine the cheese well with a fig compote.

BBQ party

You can always think of a reason to party, celebrate life because the sun is shining or to hold the holiday feeling or whatever reason.
Whether you‘re with a large group of people or with a few close friends, a barbecue always does well. You can plan a complete and original party by the rise of the so-called outdoor kitchens in recent years. But also with an ordinary charcoal barbecue  you’ll succeed because the preparation can take place
in your kitchen. For us, barbecuing no longer is a matter of 3 or 4 pieces of meat with sauce and bread. For years, we try not to fall into the same thing, you can make the course as crazy as you want to. What really is important in any case, is making the salads fresh and homemade. And believe me there is nothing simpler than that, even vegetarians get a nice bbq party out of it .


Pure icecream

ijssalon florence

People who know me can tell that I‘m a bit obsessed with icecream. I must confess that I have become more civilized in the quantities, not only because of the free pounds I gained over the years but somehow I have quickly enough, thank god;). I‘m not really a stickler when it comes to good taste, that is a pure luxury problem, I know. But developing a sophisticated taste is also worth something, I think. Over the years, I always wanted to taste all the flavors, thought I was missing something. Since a year or two I’ll stick to the golden combination for me, strawberry and chocolate. These are such pure flavors that not only sublime fit together, but also immediately tells if you’re dealing with good and pure icecream. This summer I tasted the best ice cream in Florence Italy. Unfortunately I forgot the name of the ice cream shop, maybe someone recognizes it on the photo?
I read somewhere that the secret is in the pure ingredients and that the ice is a bit spreadable, not very hard but all a bit soft and that you are not thirsty after a good ice cream, never knew but really, I have experienced it. Back from vacation I prefer to get my ice at Choman. This is originally a chocolate shop where the most beautiful creations of chocolate are for sale. A few years ago they also got to sell ice cream. At any time of the day you can see people enjoying the best summer treat on one of the benches. A great idea because people like to treat themselves to an ice cream to get, or to stay in summer moods. So give yourself a treat and get a tasty Italian icecream!

Amusement park fun

How to stay young at heart? There are many ways to keep your youth as long as possible but one of the most important things is to keep the child in you a live. A day without laughter is a day lost living so to say. From time to time the child in ourself must be nurtured to keep it alive. So look for the feeling that you often have experienced as a child. Where to search better than at an amusement park. Within 1 second, even when you still are at the entrance buying your ticket, the feeling is already there… lovely butterflies in the stomach. The excitement of what to see and what to expect. We chose to go to Phantasialand in Brühl Germany. Wow what a lovely day, from exciting and wild adventurous attractions to a roar of laughter in Maus au Chocolat; an interactive dark ride in 3D where you feel the competition, how many points do you score?
Then a good old-fashioned spin in the chain carousel, wonderful! The Black Mamba is a spectacular roller coaster where you are hanging under the track. The River Quest is really special, initially it seems similar to other water attractions, but in this one the boat goes up with an elevator,  this was very exciting … Once you’re up, you can see where you are going, the boat hangs askew at the time of departure. I assure you go down screaming out loud and everyone gets wet. Another attraction where you’ll scream is the Winja’s Fear & Winja’s Force, the indoor roller coaster with small 4 seaters that not only go down at top speed but also makes you run backwards from time to time. Another indoor experience is the dark Mystery Castle which is pretty exciting just by the impressions that are aroused beforehand. The Talocan is a strong attraction where you’re sitting on a kind of large bench, which quite often revolves around both front and rear at the same time, you get quite shaken. You are also hanging with your head down for a while, so a strong stomach is required. Also very nice is the Colorado, a fast roller coaster and many others. During the day there is no time to get bored. In between, we enjoyed a yogurt ice cream and fruit with a chocolate dip, a whole fresh apple with a delicious chocolate layer is my favorite! We like to return once more because unfortunately the new attraction Chiapas was not open yet, we really would like to try this ….. so hopefully see you again Phantasialand!Phantasialand

City Trip Lausanne

What a nice surprising discovery, the city of Lausanne in Switzerland!
Because of the mileage we wanted to cut our travelling in pieces and that lead us to Lausanne for several days. We did not know what we saw, beautifully situated at Lake Geneva, this city is built against the mountains. This ensures that there are quite some height differences which, despite the exercise of the calf muscles, provide a particularly authentic look. In addition, Lausanne includes beautiful old buildings that give the city a chic and even a palatial atmosphere. It is not difficult to imagine that  since the Middle Ages influential people let themselves be enchanted by the beauty of the area and the beautiful location and saw the city as the ideal place for their country house. Besides the beautiful and quaint shops you will also find the larger fashion brands, so if you’re in the fashion mood you can indulge yourself here. Also beautiful jewelry affairs can be found here. The real discovery we found was FlonPlage, a beach club right in the center of the city. Nice styling, good atmosphere, a real beach feeling. You can sit lounching or sunbathing in a beach chair while enjoying a drink with your feet in the sand. Are you looking for a city break with a real holiday atmosphere then Lausanne is something else.

Wannahaves; rose-colored watch by Fossil

horloge fossil rijFrom time to time you have to give yourself a present and this summer I really wanted to have this beautiful Fossil watch on my wrist. There were even more beautiful watches and obviously typical female, I kept hesitating to finally end up with my first choice. This watch gives me the opportunity to put on different leather straps. I love white and therefore chose to temporarily switch the original beige strap with a white crocodile print strap for the summer. In the fall I go for a cognac-colored band, in the winter for a black leather watchband and in the spring switch back to the original one, so I have a good match between my watch and the clothes of the season. I love rose-colored jewelry, it fits nicely with my skin. The pink color is also doing well with clothing in the colors beige, nude and other natural shades. I bought my watch at one of the jewelers in my hometown, Heunen Jewelers. Ms. Heunen herself still personally guarantees friendly service. Where do you find that these days…. check Heunen Jewelers to get an impression of their supply. Look especially at the site of Fossil, because they have more beautiful wannahaves.