limoncelloFor a moment to hold on to the summer and stay in Italian atmosphere you can treat yourself to a glass of Limoncello. It is a delicious after dinner liqueur. This Italian liqueur is tasty sweet and fits very well with a nice piece of nougat. We have chosen for Limoncello nougat, which also collors very nicely to the drinks. To finish a nice Italian dinner with good wine you’ll book quite some success with Limoncello. This liqueur is made from lemons and has an alcohol content between 30 and 35 percent. You can buy best one biological Limoncello because it is made from the peel of lemons and it is very important that organic lemons are used. The most traditional Limoncello comes from Sorrento, but other regions produce the liquor also. If Limoncello is made with lemons from the Sorrento area, the Limoncello bear the name Liquore di Limone di Sorrento PGI This is based on the protected designation of origin of Sorrento lemons. P.G.I. stands for Protected Geographical Indicator. You have to drink Limoncello ice and ice cold, that’s the tastiest, you can best lay the bottle about two hours in the freezer. The small glasses you should keep in the freezer anyway. Because it tastes so fresh and sweet at the same time you must be careful that you don’t drink too much, you notice the effect of the alcohol just until you get up. You have been warned! Salute!

Cinque Terre

Getting at  the Riviera Ligure in Italy, you will find Cinque Terre or the five villages. Beautifully situated in the steep mountainous coastline, these villages are a feast for the eyes. They are included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. The villages, consisting of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore are connected by a walkway, this is between the villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola called Via dell’Amorethe path of love, and is considered the least serious of the different paths in the area. As the name suggests, the route made ​​an ode to love, which is reflected along the route taken by various forms of graffiti and padlocks attached to the railings as a symbol of infinite love. This Italian tradition of padlocks you see in several places in Italy. I can really imagine it is wonderful to take a walk to visit the villages. But when you see the paths over the rocks up and down again then you know that you must be an experienced hiker and that it should not be done on a hot day. We were there in the summer, it was very hot and quite an ordeal to stroll through the villages so we have taken the route by train. That is really perfect, you’re fine and is dirt cheap. However, I would like to do once the walking tour but we should really go back in the spring or fall sometime. Unfortunately the photos we have made where one way or another not saved on the camera. So I just have these two pictures I had taken with my phone. To view more photos, please visit this link: images 5 Terra.

cinque terra

Pure icecream

ijssalon florence

People who know me can tell that I‘m a bit obsessed with icecream. I must confess that I have become more civilized in the quantities, not only because of the free pounds I gained over the years but somehow I have quickly enough, thank god;). I‘m not really a stickler when it comes to good taste, that is a pure luxury problem, I know. But developing a sophisticated taste is also worth something, I think. Over the years, I always wanted to taste all the flavors, thought I was missing something. Since a year or two I’ll stick to the golden combination for me, strawberry and chocolate. These are such pure flavors that not only sublime fit together, but also immediately tells if you’re dealing with good and pure icecream. This summer I tasted the best ice cream in Florence Italy. Unfortunately I forgot the name of the ice cream shop, maybe someone recognizes it on the photo?
I read somewhere that the secret is in the pure ingredients and that the ice is a bit spreadable, not very hard but all a bit soft and that you are not thirsty after a good ice cream, never knew but really, I have experienced it. Back from vacation I prefer to get my ice at Choman. This is originally a chocolate shop where the most beautiful creations of chocolate are for sale. A few years ago they also got to sell ice cream. At any time of the day you can see people enjoying the best summer treat on one of the benches. A great idea because people like to treat themselves to an ice cream to get, or to stay in summer moods. So give yourself a treat and get a tasty Italian icecream!