Cheers to life; open a bottle of wine

IMG_0898[1]Once someone has said to me that you have to learn to appreciate wine … Although I can not imagine a life without wine 😉 anymore, it is certainly true … By tasting different wines you discover not only true gems, you taste a difference between wines and it comes to really appreciate and enjoy if you can taste a nice wine in your glass. Without even having any sense of wines you learn to trust your taste, as I mentioned earlier that you can develop flavor. Most wine drinkers start as rosĂ© drinkers at parties , dinners , barbecues and in summertime on a pleasant terrace. Over time, you discover that white and red wines still have just a little more qachet and then discover the real thing and start tasting. You will no longer put up with a bottle of a few dollars from the grocery store … This is not to say that a good bottle of wine needs to be expensive. I like to make a sport out of it to finding good wines that cost between 5 and 15 euro. In the winter I prefer to drink red wine, although a nice soft Chardonnay at dinner always tastes good. Obviously true to remind is ‘enjoy , drink responsibly’, I am convinced that if you open a bottle to really taste you will drink much more aware. We rarely drink as a couple the whole bottle empty in an evening. We pull the bottle vacuum  and enjoy one or two days later the second half. My latest discovery is; Belconte Salento Rosso and a true jewel Mc William’s Hayfield Semillon Chardonnay. Soon we will again taste different wines, the findings I will share again, keep an eye on my blog for information. Do you have any wine suggestions for me please let me know …
So for small successes  draw a nice bottle of wine and enjoy!
Cheers to life !


limoncelloFor a moment to hold on to the summer and stay in Italian atmosphere you can treat yourself to a glass of Limoncello. It is a delicious after dinner liqueur. This Italian liqueur is tasty sweet and fits very well with a nice piece of nougat. We have chosen for Limoncello nougat, which also collors very nicely to the drinks. To finish a nice Italian dinner with good wine you’ll book quite some success with Limoncello. This liqueur is made from lemons and has an alcohol content between 30 and 35 percent. You can buy best one biological Limoncello because it is made from the peel of lemons and it is very important that organic lemons are used. The most traditional Limoncello comes from Sorrento, but other regions produce the liquor also. If Limoncello is made with lemons from the Sorrento area, the Limoncello bear the name Liquore di Limone di Sorrento PGI This is based on the protected designation of origin of Sorrento lemons. P.G.I. stands for Protected Geographical Indicator. You have to drink Limoncello ice and ice cold, that’s the tastiest, you can best lay the bottle about two hours in the freezer. The small glasses you should keep in the freezer anyway. Because it tastes so fresh and sweet at the same time you must be careful that you don’t drink too much, you notice the effect of the alcohol just until you get up. You have been warned! Salute!

Aperativo Aperol Spritz

When I think of Itaperolspritzaly, I do not merely think about sun, wine and good food but also Aperol Spritz. Relaxing on a terrace enjoying a thirst-quenching aperitif. At home you immediately can recall that holiday feeling in your backyard or on your balcony by making the Aperol Spritz yourself. It’s possible to buy ready-made mixes but mixing it yourself is the tastiest and most enjoyable I think.Put in a large wine glass some ice cubes and a slice of orange, pour on 3 parts Brut Astoria 9.5 cold wine or Prosecco Manzioni Bianco (Spanish Brut Platino is a good cheaper alternative), 2 parts Aperol and 1 part sparkling water. Enjoy your mini vacation moment, Salute!

Aperativo il Ugo

Viva Italia! The greatil ugo1est summerdrinks I discovered in sunny Italy. This summer I adored il Ugo, a drink which quenches your thirst and is easy to drink. However I  have to warn you because you barely notice drinking alcohol. ‘il Ugois in a beautiful matte bottle with lovely green accents. So you can also enjoy the delicious Dolce Vita feeling at home.Take a large wineglass or cocktailglass and fill it with icecubes and some mint sprigs. Finally pour over some il Hugo and start enjoying. Experience and fully sense the flavour and the taste. An instant summer feeling guaranteed! If you like to mil ugo2ix ‘Hugo’ yourself pour on the ice cubes half  a glass of a nice prosecco (see my post about Aperol Spritz for suggestions), the juice of 1 lemon, a dash of elderberry syrup, a little spring water and finally some sprigs of mint. Salute!