Healthy cocktail; green smoothie

There are those times when you can use some extra support and I give you a piece about the green smoothie. The motto this week was anyway ‘ go with the flow ‘. I did some surfing on the net and I saw and read more and more that there are now many people who think that gluten can cause a lot of physical problems. So even if you do not immediately get sick, as with me, it seems healthier to avoid gluten as much as possible. In America there are already a lot of people that believe this and adjusted their lifestyle to it. I also see it in my posts on when I publish something about glutenfree I immediately get American reactions to that . For me it was just a need to do so because I get sick. The last days are still some pieces of the puzzle regarding my health falling at  place. Unfortunately, that does not mean that everything is resolved. One limitation often provides yet another on and I currently bale of properly. I searched a little further and discovered many videos on you tube about vegetable smoothies. I do believe that it is super healthy but to be very honest really is that green color to me. Normally I assiociate green things with rotten food, also mad because I really do love fresh vegetables and I love salads. This proves to me the fact of recent research shows that mainly eating is something psychological. After several days of mental preparation, I tried it anyway … To get used to the taste, it is especially good to add fruit so you can get better used to it that way. It is promised that if you drink it for a while each day your skin and hair are beautiful but especially that waste is disposed of causing all sorts of processes in your body can function better and you will feel fitter.  And last but not least you can keep your weight stable . I myself do not make promises because I do not know if I even a week can maintain, but I have decided to make a start. Yesterday I have a handful of spinach leaves, half a cucumber with peel , an unpeeled apple, a sweet pear and a dash of orange juice thrown in IMG_0672[1]the blender to make juice out of it. I started with the spinach leaves, cracked in the blender and to fill it with water until they were just covered, ground into juice, the color is really beautiful to see . The rest then added into pieces and squeezed into juice, if you find it too thick you can add water to desired thickness. To make all the more festive I poured the juice in a beautiful green glass before I dared to taste. I honestly thought it was very tasty. Yet only a week to experiment with different vegetables and see what it brings. When my children came home from school they wanted to taste, they wanted to know what was in it but I challenged them to find out what was inside through tasting. They liked it ! ! haha then their faces when I told them that there is spinach in it …


IMG_0669[1]I recently received from a friend a bunch of overblown African lilies, beautiful. When the flower is blooming, flowers are just as beautiful . I like the flowers in bloom quite nice but  just after flowering they are also very special. They were given a place in a vase to dry. The seeds that occasionally dropped out I have collected in a glass . I want to try to sow them myself. After some research it shows that you should have a lot of patience, after sowing it takes 2 to 3 years before flowers arrive. You can start immediately after flowering to sow in September and October. If you are sure that you will put the seeds a little further apart then you can wait until spring to pot the plants. Only after seeding it is the question how the flowers will look like, they do not come back really like the motherplant. This means that they can deviate in flower color , growth rate and size. The Agapanthus is a popular and beautiful plant. This plant has many nicknames such as Cape lily and African lily  but literally translated means Agapanthus ‘love flower’. The plant comes from South Africa where the flour was used in love affairs. There are plants with blue and white flowers, blue can vary in many shades from light to dark and from lilac to purple-blue. The flower has a display of flowers in clock , tubular or trumpet shape. The stems can vary in length from 40 centimeters to two meters. There are over 600 cultivars. They love a sunny spot in your garden or on your terras. If you want them in a pot on your patio you should make sure that the pot is not too tight. Also remove the topsoil each year and replace it with new. The plant is hardy as they lose their leaves, the species that retain their leaves in winter should be put inside and a bright place is needed . I’m curious about my cultivar but I have to be very patient … so I have to wait !

Glutenfree High Tea

Happiness and relaxation does not always have to be complicated and to take place outdoors. You can also organize a something special in your own home. So we decided with our family to do so at home. A mini high tea party just to celebrate that everyone can be together. No complicated recipes but tasty and easy to prepare yourselves , shop groceries together and start preparing together with your children. The sandwiches you make of sandwich bread , cut the crusts off and smear it with herb cheese , put on smoked salmon and cucumber slices , top with a second slice of bread and cut in half diagonally . Make the scones with this recipe and use gluten-free self raising flour. Also make the blueberry muffins recipe with gluten-free flour. We used our grandmothers tableware to create a nostalgic atmosphere in memory of her and so recall memories about former family festivities. Put various teas on a dish so that everyone can taste different flavors. You can easily expand the high tea with lunch snacks if you want to surprise larger groups of people. Enjoy the moment !


Dance every day

Earlier I said that music is an important element for me to happiness . I like to enjoy dancing but as I get older I notice that I just dance less often. ‘Sing , laugh and dance every day’ the motto I think is an important message that I want to teach my children. When the children were young I danced a lot with them , they do constantly nowadays, even now while they are reaching puberty . Even though I try occasionally to take a moment of dancing. I like to dance to different types of songs , from U2 to Prince and everything in between , also good mixes of DJs can’t stop my feet of dancing . This week I hear the song Dance , dance, dance of Lykke Li in my head all the time. This is such a song where you can dance to, a bit easy dancing I admit,  it’s not a number where you can go crazy, but that is not always necessary anyway …. search your dance song and dance , it will do you good! 

Lady Lunch: goat cheese salade

I wrote a recipe with warm goat cheese before that is always successful. Even faster finished is a salad with warm goat cheese, it looks quite sophisticated and it is vegetarian. If you want to invite a friend for a nice homemade lady lunch this is a real winner.
You will need:
mixed salad leaves of your choice : for example three species on rootball
handful of pine nutsgeiten kaas salade
handful of pistachio nuts
some cashews (chopped)
a soft goat cheese (about 8 cm in diameter and 2 cm thick)
4/5 strawberries in slices
half fresh pineapple (or tin-plated)
For the dressing :
3 spoons organic honey
1 teaspoon mild mustard
crema di balsamico

Preheat the oven to grill position : at least 225 degrees. Grill the pine nuts in a dry skillet until they are lightly colored. Place the lettuce leaves in cold water for a while, after about 20 min you remove the leaves one by one to check if they are clean and put them in the salad spinner. Meanwhile, cut the goatcheese lengthways and place both halves in a baking dish in the oven for about 10 minutes (the cheese gets a light colored touch . Dry the lettuce with the salad spinner, tear into pieces and place on plates. Put along the edge the strawberry slices and cut the pineapple into pieces that you spread over the lettuce leaves. If the goat cheese is ready place it on top in the middle and sprinkle the nuts over the salad. Put  with a teaspoon dressing in lines on top of the goat cheese. Finally you drop some crema di balsamico on the strawberries. To make the lunch lady complete you drink a nice glass of wine, a Chardonnay I find a good combination. Enjoy!