Autumn lunch

IMG_0478[1]After a lovely walk coming back into your warm cozy home, it’s time for a nice autumn lunch. Kick your shoes off and put on some nice warm socks or something like that. Preheat the oven to the grill position; then grill a delicious goat cheese in the center of the oven about 8 minutes.  After a few minutes put in a sandwich and 2 or 3 pieces of fried bacon. Already prepare the dressing, stir a teaspoon of spicy mustard and 2 teaspoons honey into a sauce. Grill a handful of pine nuts in a frying pan. Put the tasty fresh bread from the oven sliced ​​open on a plate and add some lettuce leaves, put the grilled goat cheese on it, divide the pine nuts and sprinkle over the dressing. Finally, place the pieces of bacon on it …. mmm … Drink a glass of cranberry juice along with it, your bladder could use some support at this time of year 😉 Enjoy!

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