Lady Lunch: goat cheese salade

I wrote a recipe with warm goat cheese before that is always successful. Even faster finished is a salad with warm goat cheese, it looks quite sophisticated and it is vegetarian. If you want to invite a friend for a nice homemade lady lunch this is a real winner.
You will need:
mixed salad leaves of your choice : for example three species on rootball
handful of pine nutsgeiten kaas salade
handful of pistachio nuts
some cashews (chopped)
a soft goat cheese (about 8 cm in diameter and 2 cm thick)
4/5 strawberries in slices
half fresh pineapple (or tin-plated)
For the dressing :
3 spoons organic honey
1 teaspoon mild mustard
crema di balsamico

Preheat the oven to grill position : at least 225 degrees. Grill the pine nuts in a dry skillet until they are lightly colored. Place the lettuce leaves in cold water for a while, after about 20 min you remove the leaves one by one to check if they are clean and put them in the salad spinner. Meanwhile, cut the goatcheese lengthways and place both halves in a baking dish in the oven for about 10 minutes (the cheese gets a light colored touch . Dry the lettuce with the salad spinner, tear into pieces and place on plates. Put along the edge the strawberry slices and cut the pineapple into pieces that you spread over the lettuce leaves. If the goat cheese is ready place it on top in the middle and sprinkle the nuts over the salad. Put  with a teaspoon dressing in lines on top of the goat cheese. Finally you drop some crema di balsamico on the strawberries. To make the lunch lady complete you drink a nice glass of wine, a Chardonnay I find a good combination. Enjoy!

Lady lunch; salad Caprese

I adore salades, I eat them during the whole year.
I only have to mind the famaaltijdsalade capresect that they  are glutenfree because of my glutenintolerance. One of my favorites is the classic Italian Caprese salad. This salad can be made in different ways by chosing little tomatoes or juicy big ones, along the size of the tomatoes you chose the size of the mozzarella cheese. Always use a good thick extra vergin oliveoil, believe me it realy makes a difference,  the thicker the better and always add basil as much as you like…. If you like to try an othter taste you could also add some drops of Crema di balsamico. Bon appetito!

salade capreseThis very same salad can get some more body when you add slices of avocado to it. You also use a good oliveoil, add seasalt,  a bit of mild paprika powder , some pepper and fresh basil. Bon appetito!