City Trip Lausanne

What a nice surprising discovery, the city of Lausanne in Switzerland!
Because of the mileage we wanted to cut our travelling in pieces and that lead us to Lausanne for several days. We did not know what we saw, beautifully situated at Lake Geneva, this city is built against the mountains. This ensures that there are quite some height differences which, despite the exercise of the calf muscles, provide a particularly authentic look. In addition, Lausanne includes beautiful old buildings that give the city a chic and even a palatial atmosphere. It is not difficult to imagine that  since the Middle Ages influential people let themselves be enchanted by the beauty of the area and the beautiful location and saw the city as the ideal place for their country house. Besides the beautiful and quaint shops you will also find the larger fashion brands, so if you’re in the fashion mood you can indulge yourself here. Also beautiful jewelry affairs can be found here. The real discovery we found was FlonPlage, a beach club right in the center of the city. Nice styling, good atmosphere, a real beach feeling. You can sit lounching or sunbathing in a beach chair while enjoying a drink with your feet in the sand. Are you looking for a city break with a real holiday atmosphere then Lausanne is something else.

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