High Wine

We like to celebrate a party and are therefore always looking for an opportunity to socialize with lovely friendly people because together you make beautiful memorable moments.  Searching for something different to do we got the idea to organize a High Wine. The only terms of invitation naturally is that you invite people who appreciate a good glass of wine. Wine specialist Maison d’ Elfant not only organizes wine tastings but also comes to location , such as your home , to keep a wine tasting with a group of minimum 10 persons.  Because we went to Italy on holiday we thought it would be nice to stay in Italian atmosphere and fill the evening with tasting Italian wines and matching antipasti. Adjusted accordingly they offer the Giro d’Italia to where you will be introduced to 7 wines with matching small dishes. We started the evening with bubbles of Astoria Lounge Prosecco Cold Wine 9.5, about this one I wrote before praising it, accompanied by delicious green organic olives of Biagi. This was followed by the white wine: Garofoli Verdicchio di Castelli di Jesi ” Serra del Conte ” with crackers Italiani classicists with delicious crema di tonno . The third was the white wine Pinot Grigio Miopasso Bio I found myself quite delicious. The snack , Pesto Giallo with picos , I found less to fit in taste . Then we went over to red , the Miopasso Primitivo di Puglia with Salame al Barolo with fig bread , both tasty but not very special.

high wine
The second red wine of the evening was the Cortorosso Trilogia di Corte Viola with Testun al Barolo, both the wine and the cheese tasted particularly good. Then came to me the perfect combination of the evening ; Castello di Meleto Chianti Riserva with Parmigiano Reggiano with fig-port-jelly. A full delicious wine sublime went along with the top Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. We ended the tasting with a good combined dolci ; Galleria Vino Spumante Dolce Rosso with Italian nougat with cherry Amarene, I love nougat and this is now my favorite flavor. The wine tasting was successful and we voted for our favorites. We ordered several bottles, my favorites Cold Prosecco Wine, Pinot Grigio Miopasso Bio, Cortorosso Trilogia di Corte Viola and natural Castello di Meleto Chianti Riserva!  Silvie from Maison d’ Elfant made ​​sure that everything was possible and really worth to organize.

We decided to continue to drink the Corte Rosso and use the action 6 +2. Because I knew we were with a group that likes to enjoy until late in the evening I had prepared myself some antipasti dishes  so we could reminisce cozy even after the wine tasting. All in all a great evening to remember!

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